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Corona Info Caravelle Hotel

The health of our guests and our employees has the highest priority. We have developed a suitable hygiene concept for you to ensure a clean and safe environment for the guest and our team. Disinfect your hands before entering the hotel.



We have set up disinfectant dispensers in all public areas. We ask you to use these regularly before entering the different rooms. We only use disinfecting laundry soap in the public restrooms.


The mask requirement applies to every guest in our house! There is no exception!



The touchpoints in all public areas are disinfected several times a day. This applies to door handles, elevator buttons, room keys, objects and surfaces at the reception, lobby, conference and breakfast areas. The room cleaning takes place under the strictest hygiene regulations. Towels and bed linen are cleaned in a disinfecting washing process.


Thank you very much for your assistance.


We wish you a healthy stay!

Your Caravelle team