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Meeting, celebration, incentive

Meeting Rooms


Rooms for meetings, seminars and other events.


Whether conference, celebration, incentive - you are in the right place at the Caravelle Hotel in the park.


Modern technology for your event. You meet in one of our inviting function rooms and our professional support team takes care of all the details!


All meeting rooms are also combinable as group rooms and offer you the space you need. Our function rooms have natural daylight and can be darkened (except room 6).


Are you interested  Your Meeting Request.

MeetingroomsKinoU-FormBlockParlamentStuhlkreisFläche / HöheEtage / Barriere freiTeppich
Teetempel301616141560m² / 3mEG / jaja
Oranienpark201418141555m² / 3mEG / jaja
Roseninsel401420242060m² / 2,55m4. / jaja
Kurviertel1561081027m² / 2,55m6. / janein
Panoramaweg351615241560m² / 2,55m7. / neinja
Naheblick8022404040106m² / 3,30m1./ neinja


Conference AccessoiresPrice per peace per Day in €

Flipchart or pinboard additionally (1 each in standard tech.)


Moderator case additionally (1 in standard technology)

Slide projector / Beamer / TV / VIDEO / DVD

je 50,00

Video camera / digital camera



Speaker and microphone systems


Copy and fax service

0,30 (sw) / 0,50 (Fb.)



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